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Charles – GT

    Saying goodbyes?
    That’s your addiction, telling you lies.

    From years of gambling we have both learnt
    That on our own we will surely get burnt

    Every time we tried on our own
    We gambled more and too out more loans

    If you’re really removing the disguise
    That would be a good move, timely and wise

    So where’s the real journal we can all read?
    And give you support in your time of need

    What real steps are you now to take?
    So a lasting recovery you can then make

    What’s really different, what’s really new?
    What touch actions are you going to do?

    If you think you can do it without some support
    That’s ignoring the lessons that you have been taught

    If you still think gambling is fun
    Then what’ve you learnt from all that you’ve done?

    No more “bullshit”, deflection and games?
    Great, so get typing and tell us your aim

    Or maybe you’re going to continue to hide
    And listen to your addiction and all of it’s lies

    I really hope the answer is no
    Vera be honest and give it a go

    No more BS you don’t want that
    So just get your ar*e back into chat!

    Gordon Moody

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