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        Today the life drains from me
        I keep moving but I’m running on empty
        My body feels heavy, weighted down
        My mind is unfocused, in a cloud
        I sit and think what to do next
        Nothing comes to me
        I am floating, floating… disconnected
        My tether to the world is ineffective
        I hear and see others but they have no meaning to me
        I have no interest in them
        I am alone but not dead
        I am here just by a thread
        Floating in the space I occupy
        Untouched, unknown, unseen
        What’s behind my eyes is hidden
        I am one of the unbidden
        This is my world of comfort
        Where I am safe
        It’s what I know best
        The solitude of the nest
        I am interrupted
        I must exit the blank space
        It unnerves me to be
        Uncomfortable, vulnerable, seen
        I cannot wait to go back
        I hurry it up
        Cut it short
        My time in the world I abort
        I know I should stay there
        But it is hard and it is draining
        I retreat back to my haven
        I am small and lost and craven

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