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        Playing with fire, watch it all burn down

        Greed is the seed , and now the forest is empty

        My luck has run out , this isn’t a way of living

        My vision is blinded, taking instead of giving

        My time, my love and my energy are missing

        Lost in the void of these sinister games

        But no more I shall say, there’s a shimmer of light

        To start fully living, and do what is right

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          I feel your sentiment. I’m back here again, all gone including my soul. What an awful deseise.

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          Charles – GT

            Hi Mutley, So, here you are posting in the Poetry Forum. Always good to see a post but maybe start/resurect one of your old threads in My Journal. Lok at the advice you have had previously. Get back to what has helped in the past.

            I may have said this before but the trick to not having to keep coming back here is to not leave – use support to maintain your recovery, not just when in the ****. I look forward to hearing your positive steps in My Journal.

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