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      Charles – GT

        Procrastination?  Isn’t that just being lazy?


        No, I will do the work… just tomorrow… maybe.


        Paper work, tidying, those things that I hate.


        Are always left last and often are late.


        When something’s important and the urgencies true


        I often find other things I can do


        Why do today what I can put off till tomorrow?


        Because acting too slowly often causes sorrow


        So what can I do to improve this poor trait?


        Where often it happens that things get done late


        I can have a plan, maybe make a list


        Then do what I can, so nothing gets missed


        I am getting better, progress I seek


        Though I did say I’d write this one day last week!


        As for stopping gambling, recovery, finding out how


        The time to act, well it’s always now!

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        Charles – GT

          Bump, as promised in a group today 🙂 And I did it straight away!!

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            Love this poem charles so true

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