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        Sometimes I stand
        In a prison of my own making
        In a cell reserved
        For all my disgust and self-hatred
        The walls I build
        They encase my shame and my sadness
        And I sit and wallow
        In a world of madness
        Sometimes I stand
        And see and feel the beauty
        The smallest breeze
        Across my face so soothing
        The sun, the moon, the stars
        All shining
        With bright abandon
        A world of wonder and magic
        Sometimes I breathe
        And feel tired and worn
        Sometimes I breathe
        And feel vital and reborn
        I am the prisoner, the judge
        The warden, the guard
        I am the exonerated, the freed
        The pardoned all in one
        Sometimes I stand
        In a prison of my own making
        Sometimes I stand
        Lifted from my trials and tribulations

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