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        The man I can be is very different from the one I am now.

        Move on with my life, no more slips will I allow.

        Today I realised I have posted on this site before.

        Back in 2018, I obviously thought I didn’t need to post anymore.

        So there we go I slipped again, further and harder than ever.

        Thought I could go back, that maybe I am clever.

        I am accepting my shortfalls, what I need to do to get better.

        By writing a poem, some sort of letter.

        For 10 days or so I have been gamble free.

        In 100 days maybe I get back to feeling more like me.

        Being me means I am prone to distraction.

        To gamble again, to have that interaction.

        I need to go past, who I was before.

        To have a new beginning, open a new door.

        Behind the door, a new life is waiting for me.

        Where I can be the man I know I can be.

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