The Redditch Residential Treatment Centre project represents a significant leap forward in our mission. Having secured a long-term lease on a former care home, we aim to transform it into our flagship men’s treatment centre.

The refurbished building is a game-changer, allowing us to meet growing demand more effectively and efficiently, and increasing our capacity to support men affected by severe gambling harm by an enormous 42% annually.

The increased capacity will, of course, mean we can offer more treatments to more people, but the new centre will also allow us to pilot new care approaches, ensuring we remain at the forefront of treatment for gambling addiction. From individual and group therapy sessions to innovative treatment models, the facility will be a hub of healing and recovery.

Please help us complete this work, and start their recovery

Please join us to make the new Redditch Treatment Centre a reality. We’ve already made amazing progress, but your support now will make an incredible and tangible difference, allowing us to open our doors to those seeking to escape the harms caused by gambling addiction. Together, we can rebuild lives and restore hope for so many more people. Please contact us to learn more about how you can contribute to this life-changing project.

Contact: Emma O'Reilly, Commercial Director
Phone: 07966 315279
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