Multicultural Day.

We’re excited to join in the fun at Dudley’s multicultural day this weekend, bringing people together in unity in the Dudley community. An event full of music, dance and spoken word to celebrate the wealth of different cultures of Dudley.

Multicultural Day is to showcase the many different cultures within the Dudley borough. It’s about bringing people together, learning from one another’s cultural and lived experiences and learning from one another’s values and beliefs systems in the spirit of peace and harmony and promoting understanding across our communities. Celebrating our diversity and promoting an optimistic, inclusive town.

Kindling local civic pride and cultural confidence, this event aims to promote both the environmental and social wellbeing of Dudley borough residents, a well-needed community event to reunite us together after the turbulence of the last eighteen months.

Gordon Moody In The Community. 

Our marketing manager, Chloe will be spending the summer meeting with faith leaders and local groups within Dudley as part of our community collaboration and inclusion work. Working together achieves more, and we’re keen to open up our doors and open the conversation around hidden gambling addiction issues.

If you’d like to see how we can support your local community group or faith group, please reach out to Chloe at

We’re looking forward to celebrating Dudley’s vibrant and colourful past, present and future. This is the very first Dudley Multicultural Day the first hopefully of many celebrations of our local mixed culture. 

Dudley Multicultural Day will be held on Saturday 17th July 2021 in the Market Place 11-4 pm.

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