If you need urgent help, or are looking to get help for a family member or friend, then Gordon Moody’s 50 years of frontline experience can guide you to get the right treatment and support.

Dealing with gambling addiction is daunting and we provide a safe space to build recovery and start the journey to reclaim and rebuild lives.

Struggling with addiction?

At Gordon Moody we have a number of treatment programmes to tackle gambling addiction. Our safe residential spaces can help you build your recovery.

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Take the first step to reclaiming your life

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Concerned about your gambling?

If you feel gambling is damaging your life, then use this short assessment to help you consider the treatment or support programmes that can work for you.


Helping loved ones

Our approach is geared towards providing a friendly, inclusive service for those who are experiencing gambling-related harm from someone close to you. Family members and affected others are usually the first to reach out for help to address the impact the gambler’s behaviour is having on them.

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Making a world of difference

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Gambling Therapy text and online service

Gordon Moody

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If you want to find out more about what we do, how you can help personally or support us as an organisation then please get in touch and we’ll send you updates with our latest information and news.

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