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Volunteers are absolutely crucial in supporting us to deliver our mission to help people recover from gambling addiction and in supporting their families and friends through the challenges of a recovery journey.

We’re always looking for enthusiastic people to help with our work. We have a range of volunteering opportunities for you to get involved with.

With the commitment of our volunteers, we’re able to offer a support network to people suffering from gambling addiction. 

There are a number of ways for you to volunteer with us and in return, we’ll give you experience that helps you to develop your skills and open up new opportunities for you. 

Can I volunteer?

Many have used our services in the past or have a family member affected by gambling addiction; others just want to give their time to help others in the community.

We are also seeking practical help at our residential centres, such as gardening, painting and decorating and photography, as well as support from trained experts willing to work alongside our residents to help them develop new interests and skills.

Share your story

We’re always looking for people to share their story about their experience of gambling addiction. Whether you have personal experience of gambling yourself or through a family member or friend, we use personal stories in the media, on our website, on social media and in our publications. Fill out our simple online form

Peer Mentoring

If you have lived experience either as an affected other or you yourself have suffered with gambling addiction and would like to join our peer mentoring programme, please contact us by completing our contact form, or email us at, or telephone us on 01384 241292.

Support our fundraising

Fundraising volunteers offer vital support to our fundraising team. From cheering on fundraisers at running events to marshalling our walks. Being a fundraising volunteer is fun and rewarding so please spare a couple of hours and join our team.

Campaign with us

Sign up as a campaign supporter and help us to improve awareness and access to best treatment and care for everyone affected by gambling the UK. 

We email campaign supporters to update them on our latest campaigns and how they can take action. Sign up.

If you would like to offer some time as a volunteer please contact us by completing our contact form, or email us at, or telephone us on 01384 241292.

Gordon Moody

Find out more about Gordon Moody

If you want to find out more about what we do, how you can help personally or support us as an organisation then please get in touch and we’ll send you updates with our latest information and news.

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