Spring is in the air this week as around the UK we have been enjoying some much needed sunshine following a tough start to the year.

We are putting our green fingers to the test here at Gordon Moody. Sunflower growing kits were sent to all of our team for a bit of competitive fun to see who can grow the best flower, and also to represent our hopes for a big year ahead for the organisation and its service users past, present and future.


Seeds of hope

I don’t know about you, but the good weather along with the fact that we are able to meet loved ones again with the easing of lockdown restrictions has certainly lifted my mood and made me feel more positive about the future.

The feeling of “getting our lives back” as we enjoy being outside, connecting with nature, connecting with others and the sense of hope that better times are not too far in the future is very powerful.

Hope brings positivity, it gives us the energy we need to fight, to persevere with whatever our struggle may be knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that better times are ahead.

At Gordon Moody we want to pass on that message of hope to anyone who is suffering from gambling harm.

For those battling a gambling addiction there is a sense of hopelessness, there is very little light at the end of the tunnel, it is an all-consuming world where all that seems to matter is the next bet or getting the money to gamble more.

The impact of gambling addiction can be devastating. A high percentage of those who apply for help at Gordon Moody are suffering from a range of other issues as a result of gambling.

Mental health suffers, relationships are broken and the gambler’s integrity and honesty is tested to the limit.

At Gordon Moody we are here to help you reclaim your life, to help you “get your life back” and to help you rebuild your life free from gambling addiction. We are with you every step of the way and by tackling gambling addiction together there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel and better times lie ahead.

If you are concerned about your own or a loved one’s gambling don’t suffer in silence, we are here to help and together we can tackle gambling addiction.

To apply for treatment at Gordon Moody visit or for more information call us on 01384 241292.

The National Gambling Helpline is available 24/7 call free on 0808 802 0133.


The end of a challenging year

The end of March is the end of the financial year at Gordon Moody, as it is for many organisations. It is impossible at this point not to reflect on the previous year and the huge challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.

In April last year, at the start of the first lockdown,  it was a very uncertain time for everyone and nobody was sure what the future had in store and what the impact of the virus would be.

The last year tested every aspect of our organisation, our treatment facilities, our colleagues, and our service users. It tested our ability to innovate and adapt and be able to carry on as it tested our service users who were trying to rebuild their world when it seemed the world around them was falling apart.

I am hugely proud and humbled to work alongside colleagues and service users who have met these challenges head on. Throughout the pandemic we have remained open, we have continued to provide residential support and adapted programmes such as retreat and counselling that have been delivered online, and we have provided additional pre-support for those waiting for treatment to help keep them safe as well as delivering hundreds of online groups for ex-service users, family and friends.

Together we can tackle gambling addiction, if you are a loved one are in need of help please reach out for support. We are open and we are here to help.

There is hope.

Until next week stay safe, have a very happy Easter, look after yourselves and each other.

Gordon Moody

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