This week is Safer Gambling Week. And although it has its critics our view at Gordon Moody is that if it helps get across a message that makes people think about gambling behaviours then that’s to be welcomed.  

There is always important work to be done at an educational and preventative level to see that those displaying signs of gambling harm are identified. 

The messaging around safer gambling week has in the past been primarily directed at individuals who frequent bookmakers and casinos  and managing their behaviour. 

But, this year many of those outlets in the UK are closed because of lockdown. 

 And the many pressures arising from the covid pandemic, has meant that the gambling industry has had to recognise that society  is generally in a more challenging and vulnerable place, and that past practice and messaging are not the order of the day. 

And that’s the challenge we are all facing into this year, the bigger picture of the impact of lockdowns on mental health and a growing realisation that more people need support and more needs to be done. 

Our experience has seen many more people reaching out for help, and we have had to adjust services and deal with new situations accordingly.  

We also have to work with what is in front of us while keeping a watchful eye on the wider environment and the impact it is having on people. 

Many of those coming to Gordon Moody for help are presenting with a greater severity of issues. We’ve made the point that the intensity of what we are dealing with is on the rise. 

But how do you measure intensity and show it? 

Each person we deal with is different, and are not just a statistic to be recorded. Many of those people have gone way beyond a message about safer gambling. 

And nearly 50 per cent of those who reach out to us are what we call “affected others” – family and friends of severely addicted gamblers. 

There is much more that could be done in the area of helping these people identifying problems as they arise, and getting the right help and support at an early stage. 

And, we’ll keep banging the drum that more resource needs to be available to assist the families of severely addicted gamblers that come to Gordon Moody for treatment. 

So, increasing awareness through Safer Gambling Week has a part to play, but let’s not lose sight of the bigger picture and the messages we need to shout out in that area. 

To apply for treatment at Gordon Moody visit or for more information call us on 01384 241292. 

The National Gambling Helpline is available 24/7 call free on 0808 802 0133  


It’s always great to share positive news and this week we had news of a wedding.  

Lea, an ex-service user from our Retreat and Counselling service said she did not want to get married until she was free of gambling so to see her realise that dream is inspiring and a wonderful achievement. Congratulations Lea, from us all at Gordon Moody we wish you and your wife a long and happy marriage. 

Our family and friends groups continue to provide much needed advice and emotional support to those affected by a loved ones gambling and it was wonderful to here from a mother of one of our former residents celebrating a year free of gambling 

 “One year ago today I left my eldest son at your place in Kent. I cannot thank you all enough for what you did with him and one year later he is still clean and a different person. No words can describe how it was to leave my son there but it was the best thing that could have happened. You guys were all amazing and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart on my behalf and the rest of our family” 

Gambling addiction can be devastating both for the individual and for those around them but people can and do recover. If you or someone you love needs help, we are here for you. 

Until next week, stay safe, look after yourself and each other. 

To apply for treatment at Gordon Moody visit or for more information call us on 01384 241292. 

The National Gambling Helpline is available 24/7 call free on 0808 802 0133  


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