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    No good time here.

    It’s an expensive can of coke
    The biscuits I threw to the gulls
    I used to drink the complementary hot chocolate back when I feigned a carefree demeanor
    What’s to say that hasn’t been said
    To see my loved one nearly dead
    Not just once but twice since December
    The slots hypnotise
    Yet then I remember
    If I had a head start
    To clear the two overdrafts
    Then a little win on top
    I’d get some new bras from M&S
    UPLIFTED I might then stop.
    Loving that man with all of my might honestly made things worse
    That’s another story a totally different verse.
    The plan right now is to take a bow then a seat whilst I recoup through hard labour.
    Once I’m straight I’ll try my luck but not til then my dears.
    Thank you for reading… I hope you all win with love conquering fear.

    Gordon Moody

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