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    At the core of all deception
    Lies a lack of self reflection
    On our attitudes, behaviours and beliefs.
    False interpretation and irrational correlation
    Lead to lies, illusions, notions and deceit.
    ‘Til you overcome this practice
    And pursue alternate tactics
    Such as openness, awareness and clear truth
    You will need to seek contrition
    Accept change and opposition
    To a lifestyle you decided to create
    When you chose then, to continue
    The deceit that lay within you
    And resigned to attribute it to “fate”.
    Call it lies, untruth or rumour
    We know that we just humour
    Our illusions when we try to fabricate.
    But before we try to figure ways to stop this growing bigger
    Let’s be honest with each other and ourselves
    Even though the truth may hurt us-(lies will make our lives seem worthless)
    Let’s get ready for self searching and deep delves!

    Gordon Moody

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