Help rebuild lives and put families back together

Imagine a world that is dark and lonely, where life is spiraling out of control.  Where loved ones suffer loss and pain which in turn fuels the feelings of desperation and despair to dangerous levels. This is how it can feel with a serious addiction to gambling. This existence is everyday life for many people who have no one left to turn to for help.   

Gambling is a complex, hidden addiction and one that is affecting a growing number of people.  There has been a marked increase in the severity of issues people are presenting with to Gordon Moody and Gambling Therapy, particularly during and following the Covid-19 pandemic.

At Gordon Moody we seek to understand and deal with the root cause of why someone develops a gambling addiction. Addiction can often be triggered by trauma and mental health illness.  Vulnerable individuals are swept in often through no fault of their own.  If not treated at the right time in the right way, the more serious addictions can be life threatening. 

Unfortunately, there is an ever-increasing number of people from all walks of life who are trapped in this world.  Stuck in the ‘last chance saloon’ with nowhere left to go.

These individuals desperately need bespoke treatment and support to reclaim and rebuild their lives and those of their loved ones.   

Gordon Moody is the light at the end of this unforgiving tunnel.  

Clinical professionals at Gordon Moody provide treatment to the most severely addicted that need help beyond conventional counselling and therapy. 

Your support will make such a difference

Gordon Moody is reliant on grants and donations to fund treatment and support programmes.  

With demand growing, costs are escalating and donations for specific projects or to fund more general treatment and outreach support are more important than ever. 

As a charity, we rely on your generosity to look after the people  in our care. 

Your support not only helps to provide immediate care and support for those most at risk from gambling addiction, but it also helps to turn people’s lives around.

Quite literally, your donation and continuing support can save a person’s life and get them on the road to breaking free of gambling addiction.

Problem gambling is the hidden addiction and often people avoid asking for help.

When they do finally ask for help they need the type of specialist treatment that Gordon Moody provides in a secure and supporting environment.
We need more of those residential environments to deal with a growing problem in our society.

We need also to continue that care afterwards, and provide support that helps the family and friends of those who have been affected.

Your donation can help our charity offer more places and save more lives, and rebuild even more lives.

We are very proud at Gordon Moody when someone says to us: “Gordon Moody saved my life.”

We’d like you to be part of that. With your support, we can add 50 years’ experience to bricks and mortar and resources that enables people to finally break free of gambling addiction.

What your donation will do

  • A £25 donation will provide an hour of professional therapy for friends or family who are supporting someone with an addiction to problem gambling.
  • A £50 donation will provide professional therapy before and after residential treatment in one of Gordon Moody’s residential centres.  
  • A £250 donation will fund an individual for a week of treatment at one of Gordon Moody’s residential centres.
  • A regular donation of £10 a month will provide vital support services to keep Gordon Moody’s residential centres running. 

Thank you for your support. You are helping reclaim lives and putting families back together.

Gordon Moody

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