Read our latest data report here: Gordon Moody Half Year Data Insights


Latest Data Released

Gordon Moody’s data report for the 1st half of 2021/22 demonstrates the significant increase in applications compared to the previous year, which was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst the virus has not disappeared completely, and we are still on high alert to ensure the continued safety of our colleagues and service users, it is evident that many people are in need of the service Gordon Moody provides, which is treatment for severe gambling addiction.

Application Data

Applications at half-year have increased by 92% compared to the same period last year and continue to grow each quarter. Significantly whilst applications are around the same level that we experienced pre-pandemic, there are changing trends in the applications we receive. Women applying for treatment which previously contributed to 20% of our applications, now make up 35%. Numerically this is an increase of 132% compared to the previous year. Increasingly diverse applications are being received with increases across those from Asian, Black, African, Caribbean and other ethnic groups. Geographically we see changes too; applications from London have increased, as have applications from Scotland and the West Midlands. We are committed to ensuring all those that are suffering from the impact of severe gambling addiction in the UK have access to the right treatment at the right time.

The profile of our clients has changed too. During the previous year, we commented on the increase in severity within our applications. This has continued in the first half of this year, with mental health increasingly high on our agenda. Clients presenting with a mental health diagnosis have increased year on year, rising 50% between 2015 and 2020. This statistic has increased further during the first half of the year, with applicants presenting with a mental health diagnosis now making up 76% of all applications. 

Gambling Addiction and Cross Addiction

Clients presenting with other addictions spiked during 2020 as a result of the pandemic, with those identifying with Drug or and/or alcohol issues surging; alcohol issues increased 4-fold during 2020. At half year we have seen these levels come down; however, they are still well above pre-pandemic levels, with drug and alcohol misuse at 25% compared to pre-pandemic levels of 15% and 13%, respectively. Criminal activity reduced during 2020 but has increased significantly and sat at 40%, twice the level of the previous year.

We have changed the way in which we have reported suicidal ideation and now report on those who have attempted suicide or self-harmed as a result of their gambling. This is important so that support can be offered quickly to those who we believe to be at risk. The vast majority of our service users will have experienced some form of suicidal thoughts, with over half of applicants self-harming or attempting suicide.

Treatment and Recovery

It has been a successful period in terms of treatment outcomes, with increasing numbers entering and completing treatment compared to the previous year. Our outcomes at Gordon Moody are second to none. Measurement using specialist clinical tools (Core-10; psychological distress and PGSI at-risk behaviour in problem gambling) show our service users experience improvements that are 30-35% better than national averages reported by UK National Gambling Treatment Services.


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Read our latest data report here: Gordon Moody Half Year Data Insights

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