The latest data release from Gordon Moody shows applications for gambling addiction treatment rise for the 3rd consecutive quarter. Read the full report here Gordon Moody Data Insights Q3 Jan 2022

Traditionally the 3rd quarter of the year at Gordon Moody which runs from October to December can be a very challenging period. Our residential and retreat and counselling programmes both run for 12 weeks therefore from October onwards we historically experience a degree of trepidation from those seeking help around entering a treatment programme that would run over the festive period, especially for those seeking residential treatment which would mean them being away from loved ones at this time. It is also a time that is very difficult for those affected by gambling addiction. The financial pressure and expectation of Christmas for those experiencing gambling issues can make an already difficult and vulnerable situation unbearable.

Last year our 3rd quarter provided our busiest period in terms of applications with 80 people seeking Gordon Moody’s help, again this year our 3rd quarter has provided an increase in applications with 142 people applying for treatment a 78% rise compared to quarter 3 last year and a 15% on the previous quarter, our 3rd consecutive quarter of growth. In total the 382 applications received by Gordon Moody so far this year shows an 86% rise in applications compared to the same time last year. Obviously the rise in cases is a concern which is why at Gordon Moody we feel it is important to share our data and we would welcome any feedback or questions you may have around the report. We also however, see this as encouraging that people are making the positive step or reaching out for the support that they need, especially at this time of year. We are very much of the mindset the one Christmas spent in treatment can lead to a lifetime of Christmases enjoyed with friends and family free from addiction.

It has also been a positive quarter for referrals to and from Gordon Moody and we would like to acknowledge the hard work and collaboration between ourselves and other providers both within the National Gambling Treatment Service and beyond, we look forward to continuing to work together in 2022 to ensure those that need help have access to the right treatment in the right place at the right time.

Pre Support

Having already mentioned the vulnerability or our service users at this time of year it is imperative that our support pre-treatment is available for those at the start of their journey with Gordon Moody. We have worked hard to ensure timely assessments and decisions and have maintained the improvements in performance we made last quarter with assessments being completed within the week and waiting times for treatment stable at around 6 weeks. With increased treatment places available this year we expect waiting times to shorten.

1to1 and group sessions in pre support increased 16% and 30% respectively to meet the needs of our service users awaiting treatment.


It has been a challenging but strong performance in treatment with well over 70% of service users completing along with an increase in admissions of 55% this is supported by reduced Covid restrictions compared to last year and the running of our first pilot of residential treatment for women. Along with our rates of completion our outcomes at Gordon Moody remain industry leading with the improvements in our outcome measures PGSI and CORE-10 ahead of the national average.

Post Treatment Support

Demand for post treatment support has increased in quarter 3 and overall interactions increase 25% this is further supported by our work with specialist lived experience organisations such as Whysup and EPIC Restart Foundation as well as the invaluable peer support of Gordon Moody alumni through visits to the services and Q&A sessions.

Family and friend support for those entering treatment at Gordon Moody continues to be available with weekly groups that are well attended with some whose loved ones have finished treatment and returned home continuing to attend to offer peer support to those who have recently joined.

We hope you find the report of interest and informative, for more information on Gordon Moody’s services or for questions or feedback please contact Head of Growth Rob Mabbett

Read the full report here Gordon Moody Data Insights Q3 Jan 2022

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