What A Year We’ve Had!

As an organisation, Gordon Moody has grown. We’ve continued to deliver existing services, added new services treating gambling addiction, and we’ve changed too. Earlier this year, we launched the new Gordon Moody branding. We launched our new website to reach more people experiencing severe gambling harm. We’ve bought new properties throughout the year to support our growth and to future proof the organisation beyond our 2021 milestone of 50 years treating those most severely affected by gambling addiction. 

The organisation as a whole has been agile during Covid, and during the turbulence of treatment delivery within a pandemic and alongside service delivery, our management teams have been able to demonstrate Gordon Moody’s impact through our data gathering and data distribution. This data confirms our demand-led service approach and our continued need for growth, further establishing Gordon Moody as leaders in the field of addiction treatment and recovery. 

We’ve had ample opportunity to work with those who need our help this year, and to further the offering, we have collaborated with organisations that share our passion for creating proactive change. Whysup and EPIC Restart Foundation are working with our outreach and support workers to holistically support residents during and post-treatment, highlighting the need for both therapeutic and lived experience guidance on their recovery journey. Our Head of Treatment Operations and Head Of Wrap-Around Services continuously challenge the barriers to addiction treatment and addiction recovery; both have been a welcome pro-active, change-making addition to the charity this year. 

Overall, It’s been a big year for team growth, with new faces joining us across our existing services as well as the introduction of the Women’s team. New departments and roles in our head office have expanded HR, Admin, Marketing and Fundraising as we grow to support the organisation further. I am excited and proud as CEO of Gordon Moody to lead the organisation into 2022, continuing to drive change and solve the challenges of gambling addiction treatment with our ready and committed team across all functions and departments here at Gordon Moody – we all have our part to play.

Here’s To 2022

As we look to 2022- It goes without saying that we’ve got a big year coming up. Gordon Moody will be opening the new residential service for women in its permanent location in Wolverhampton. Additional bed space for men will also find a home in Wolverhampton too as we increase our capacity for residential gambling addiction treatment.

Our highly effective Retreat and Counselling programme will also provide more spaces, providing a hybrid of in-person and remote therapy for those unable to access the full-time residential programme, bringing Gordon Moody’s treatment to all areas of the UK and providing access to treatment for diverse communities previously underrepresented.We will also expand upon our existing wrap-around services to treat those in active recovery. It’s safe to say it is going to be a big year.

I want to take the opportunity to thank our trustees for their thought, guidance and knowledge over the past year and to our team, without which we wouldn’t be able to provide our life-saving services and support. 

As we look towards 2022, we have the opportunity to do more for more people, and it’s a really exciting time. To the team, our supporters and our funders- well done and thank you for everything that you have done for the organisation over the past year. I hope to see you face to face in 2022 to tell you all about the fantastic work the team is doing, as well as what is in the pipeline for the coming years as we lay out our new strategy.

Matthew Hickey, CEO.

Gordon Moody

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