Turning Lives Around


Our service aims to turn lives around from problem gambling and gambling addiction.

We’re not here just to ask “Are you okay?” – as important as that is – but to offer the real quality of help that is so urgently needed, whether it is online or in person.

We have three residential treatment centres, one in the West Midlands, one on the Kent/London borders, and one in Manchester, as well as part-residential women and men specific programmes delivered in separate locations that rely on residential therapy and face to face interaction. To support these services both pre and post treatment we provide specialist on-line support through our Outreach Programme and the Gambling Therapy service and App.

The impact of Covid-19 meant we had to dramatically change our operating model. For the people who needed us this was critical.

Using social media, online communication and video chat platforms such as Zoom and Teams we quickly developed an online outreach service that was able to flex quickly to respond to the new situation and the needs of people trying to access our service.

Online outreach

We could tell from the early days of the pandemic that something was happening, habits were changing, and we were very concerned at such a rapid and growing spike in people referring themselves to us for support. The level of severity had increased in those that had applied. Not just with their gambling but mental health issues too and many who were reaching out for support had experienced treatment before.

The number contacting Gordon Moody increased eight-fold. We created a wrap around outreach service to support those awaiting treatment and those that had completed treatment. Our outreach service increased from 30 interactions a month to 250 interactions per week during that first three months of the first Covid lockdown.

Our Retreat & Counselling (R&C) programme quickly and successfully moved to online delivery and was able to reach men and women who would not have been able to access treatment otherwise.

The Outreach Programme has similarly expanded its provision through the use of video groups that offer peer support, Q&As, Women’s groups, topic groups, family and friends groups  and of course pre-support.

Our Gambling Therapy (GT) website has been relaunched with a much advanced functionality. It is now much easier for those needing help in the UK and around the world to get it regardless of what language is spoken. 

Forums and groups are now fully mobile responsive enabling clients to easily use them on their phones, which is how 80% of clients contact us online. 

Response times have improved rapidly, we know how significant these first steps towards accessing help can be and the last thing we want is for people to disengage after suffering a delay while waiting for the mobile application to search and find a site or a page.

Our message is simple: Reach out to us and we’ll find you the help you need.

Whatever is needed, and whenever and however you need it, our team and support structures will be there to help as quickly as we can and as effectively as we can.

Gordon Moody

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If you want to find out more about what we do, how you can help personally or support us as an organisation then please get in touch and we’ll send you updates with our latest information and news.

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