• What treatment programmes do you offer?

    There are a number of treatment options in our programmes.

    These range from outreach and online support to retreat and counselling services and residential treatment.

    To find out more go to our How We Can Help section.

  • How long is the waiting list?

    The waiting list can vary depending on the time of year but the average is four to six weeks.

  • Can I choose where I go for treatment?

    This will be discussed and decided in the assessment process. You’re welcome to state preferences but eventual location will depend on personal circumstances and availability.

  • Do I go home between assessment and treatment?

    No. If you are offered a place on a programme then treatment will begin immediately following assessment and you will not be able to go home.

  • How much does it cost?

    Please do not let cost stop you from applying for help from Gordon Moody because we can work with you to advise you on the best course of action so the costs to you will be as low as possible. We want you to get the help you deserve to deal with your gambling addiction.

    There is an overall cost for your stay with Gordon Moody but, if you are eligible for state benefits, then you may have almost your entire treatment costs met through Housing Benefit payments. You will still be liable for a small weekly personal service charge of around £10.

    If you are working and will be taking time off work to come into treatment, you could be eligible to go onto Statutory Sick Pay, where a portion of your rent may then be paid through Housing Benefit.

  • Can I work or study while attending residential treatment?

    No. We need every resident to be fully focussed on their treatment, so contact with outside organisations is restricted.

  • Can I go out or go to the gym?

    Residents are allowed out with planned activities that are factored in as part of the programme. These include shopping trips and gym visits.

  • Can I have my mobile phone, tablet, computer?

    Phone and internet access will be allowed at certain times. However, to allow people to focus on their recovery programme access is scheduled in through staff agreement.

  • Can I worship while attending residential treatment?

    Yes. We’re always happy to facilitate people conducting worship and religious observance.

  • I’m disabled is it easy for me to get around ?

    Yes, we have accessible and compliant places in our buildings.

  • Can I have visitors ? Can my partner stay at weekends ?

    Unfortunately, we cannot allow visitors while you are in the residential treatment programme.  However, phone calls home to family and children are scheduled in for residents.

    The aim of the programme is to allow residents to step away from the obligations and pressures of their day-to-day life  and create an environment where they can focus on their recovery with other residents.

  • Do you offer online counselling?

    Our residential  and retreat and counselling programmes have helped many break free from gambling addiction. At present, because of Covid restrictions all outreach work is online and our male residential centres are still open for treatment.

    In future, we are aiming to run more online options learning the lessons from lockdowns to assist people get support that fits in with personal circumstances.

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