One Man’s Vision – A History Of Gordon Moody

In celebration of our 50th year, long-term Gordon Moody patron, Paul Bellringer OBE has explored some of the organisation’s history, dating back to the charity’s inception in 1971. While Reverend Gordon Moody’s own book ‘Quit Compulsive Gambling’ was published in 1990, in this retrospective, Paul pays homage to the other key contributors to the organisation over the past 30 years and the new ideas, programmes and direction which will secure Gordon Moody’s future for another 50 years.

The book follows a chronological order; exploring the humble beginnings of treating gambling harm in the UK, the start of Gamblers Anonymous in the UK by Rev Gordon Moody, then charting the development of Gordon Moody’s treatment and gambling residential rehabilitation back in Beckenham in 1971 with ‘Gordon House‘ and the growth and expansion of the organisation over the past five decades to the present day as we look to the future. 

From house moves, name changes, new offices and new territory growth into the midlands and internationally through Gordon Moody’s Gambling Therapy online service, Gordon Moody’s history is full of big goals and periods of expansion all approached with a humanistic, kind quality that remains ingrained within the organisation today. 


A Collaborative Effort

“I am indebted to a number of people for their considerable help in writing this history of Gordon Moody. To all ex-residents, particularly I am Semel and Mark Murray, whose contributions bring the book alive and speak volumes as to the importance of Gordon Moody; wives, partners and families of former residents and, in particular, Alex Semel, for their courage to tell it how it was and to play a key role in many a success story; and all the other people who compiled reports, statistics, meeting minutes and other information that I have woven into the narrative.” – Paul Bellringer OBE. 

The value of the Gordon Moody focuses on the creation of unique facilities for gambling-related harm treatment, building a therapeutic community and a supportive and safe environment for recovery and wellbeing. Our residential safe havens of Beckenham and Dudley will be joined next year by a Women’s specific residential programme, further meeting the needs of those suffering from gambling-related harm. Our latest quarterly data report highlights the need for a women’s specific gambling addiction support service. While 65% of applications received were from male clients, applications from female clients are growing at a faster rate, with a 132% rise this quarter (Q2, 2021).

Our 50 years in gambling addiction treatment has put us front and centre for university collaborations, research projects, and as statistical data contributors to inform treatment and support for addicts and their affected others. As an organisation formed in an era where there was limited betting and gambling rules and regulation and still providing treatment within the era of responsible and safer gambling initiatives, Paul explores the breadth and depth of the range of treatment types and solutions that Gordon Moody has provided and continues to provide. From supporting prisoners and those who commit crimes in order to gamble, right through to a past time that became a way of life, founder Reverend Gordon Moody believed and instilled the importance of helping others in order to create positive change.


Raising Awareness and Treating Gambling Harm

Since the launch of  ‘One Man’s Vision’ at our 50th-anniversary celebration back in September, many of our ex-residents have come forward to volunteer their time to share their lived experience with others and raise awareness of our work. We’re pleased to be sharing our rich history through our book, which is being distributed in Prisons, Gambling Anonymous groups and through individual peer to peer networks. If you would like a copy, please do reach out to Head of Growth Rob Mabbett  

Gordon Moody

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