Well-being in the Gordon Moody Workplace. 

Earlier this year, we introduced BetterSpace for every member of the Gordon Moody team as part of our well-being drive. We are aiming for better well-being for everyone. Especially as the pandemic has changed both personal and professional perceptions of wellness and well-being. Here at Gordon Moody, we want our teams to feel well so they can deliver well.

‘Anyone who works in support or services can often find their job is a barrier to their well-being barrier. Like a builder who builds other people’s houses and leaves their own until last.’ – Liam McBride, WhysUp co-founder and Gordon Moody collaborator.


Better Well-being – Better Deliverance

BetterSpace aims to empower and educate around mental health, well-being and personal awareness with its tailored approach to each and every team member. Following a six pillar of well-being approach built by Dr Iain Jordan from Oxford University Hospitals, NHS Trust BetterSpace offers products, services, experiences, and support surrounding:

  • Social connection
  • Stress Management
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Helping others
  • Meaningful activity


‘I want to foster a culture of taking care of ourselves so that we can take better care of our clients. Betterspace pillars are a great way for individuals to take ownership of their well-being and give us a good understanding of where people are with the well-being management insight. It will help us see where we are as an organisation and where we can help and support people further’-  Samia Shabir – People Manager.



Each quarter, every team member receives an allowance on their BetterSpace account to use as they see fit for their personal well-being focus. Be it stress reduction with a mindfulness puzzle, a sound bath experience, a cooking course or a piece of exercise equipment.


Well-Being from Work

So far, the team have bought puzzles, plants, candle making kits, relaxation tools, books, gardening tools, yoga mats and more to aid their individual well-being.

‘I’m a massive reader, so being offered a range of books around well-being, anxiety, wellness, and phycology has allowed me to not only understand myself better but understand those around me more and ultimately has benefitted me both personally and professionally.” Chloe Tomalin Marketing Manager.


Well-being in our Work

“If you start your day right and end your day right, it makes the stuff in the middle that little bit better. We never know what’s going to happen throughout the day, so give yourself a better chance. ” – Liam McBride

Every staff member has taken an individual approach to their BetterSpace well-being. Some people like Women’s Residential Therapist Steve choosing a Lumi lamp to kick start his day in a more harmonious way to others opting to try new art supplies out on the weekend. Not only has the BetterSpace initiative inspired us all as individuals to reflect on our well-being needs, but to learn more about our colleagues and team. It’s been exciting to know what inspires passion and exploration in each other beyond the 9-5. Following a year of separation, it’s been interesting to build rapport and understanding beyond the to-do list and work functions.


WhysUp Wellbeing Collaboration

As part of our wrap-around service, we’ve collaborated with ex Gordon Moody resident, WhysUp co-founder, Mark Murray and his best friend and business partner, Liam McBride, to deliver well-being focused lived experience sessions within our gambling addiction treatment centres. The collaboration is an excellent way to thread well-being throughout the Gordon Moody team, programme and ethos. An ethos that doesn’t have to be complicated, as Liam explained at our 50th celebration back in September.

‘Don’t wait for the perfect window in your life for well-being to seamlessly fit into – Well-being doesn’t work like that. If you’re looking for the perfect window of time to start looking after yourself, you’re going to be waiting for a long time.’ – Liam McBride, WhysUp co-founder and Gordon Moody collaborator. – Liam McBride



Thankfully (and very welcomed by the Gordon Moody team), BetterSpace is not a short term initiative; this is part of Gordon Moody’s holistic approach to supporting staff and is available to all staff members throughout the organisation.

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