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Charles – GT

    Irritated and bored? That’s not me
    I’m just here choosing recovery

    No ulitimatums and no bans
    All can come here whenever they can

    And when they come here I can set them a task
    To honestly answer questions I ask

    The one I asked I hope you will answer
    The Vera I know is not just a chancer

    And Vera, while you’re such a good poet
    I pose hard questions, and you know it

    So read your poem and see what you wrote
    If you miss it then maybe I’ll quote

    Is your recovery only a “guise?”
    I really hope it’s not a disguise

    Is this the right place for you?
    Well if not here what would you do?

    Reading the forum I see you’ve been busy
    Posting all over the place, it’s making me dizzy

    The one thing I hope you get in your head
    Is posting helps more when on your own thread

    Posting there makes it harder to duck
    Or justify gambling and trying our luck

    The groups now open you can see that
    So see you shortly, come in for a chat.

    Gordon Moody

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