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        It’s a new day,

        The sun is shining bright

        But in my heart, the dread remains

        I am empty and in pain.


        Money’s gone, wasted down the drain

        Kept chasing losses with no gain

        But I could not help myself to refrain


        So I’m starting anew

        No more will I go askew

        No more will I allow money to define me

        I am me, I am kind, with blessings to see


        I will focus on what I have

        Live in the present and learn to save

        Forsake illusions of grandeur

        So afar off and not near


        I will accept the now and wait for the morrow

        Put the losses behind me without any sorrow

        I will live life to the full

        Without a penny to ridicule

        For the best things in life ARE free

        But it’s in the waiting that torments me !


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          Your fourth line of the 3rd stanza resonated with me – “I am me, I am kind”
          I find that’s how I feel. I have done a terrible, irresponsible thing but that is not how I think of myself. I am a kind person, I think of others before myself, I feel others’ pain and can hardly deal with it.
          we will arise from this. I believe in you and me

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            Liked. Well written

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              Very well! I liked it

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