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        One month gamble free
        One day at a time!
        I used safety tools for this mountain to climb.
        I built a high fence, I shielded my cash,
        Made sure I was honest about “secret stash”!
        I planned out the days and they turned into weeks,
        To prevent further “flooding”, I plugged all the “leaks”!
        Acknowledged my urges, temptations, desires,
        By keeping close track of car mileage and tyres.
        I refused to get angry or anxious or tense
        When I took a close look at the height of that fence
        I accepted ’twas build to ensure I’d refrain
        From a sudden desire to escape from Life’s pain!
        I prayed for the Courage, the Wisdom, the Strength
        The Serenity to accept, I can’t change ALL events,
        The gift to discern what I can’t change , and can
        On Recovery road , each day that I plan.
        And as I advance on the long winding path
        I will focus on NOW and let go of the past!
        Forget the “if onlys”, the debt and the strife
        And keep my eyes fixed on the Lord of my Life!

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