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        Christmas Eve.. A strange time..
        Travelling back to childhood
        When turkey meant a trip to the Mart
        And a delivery to the big city
        To relatives who had left half a century before
        When Christmas cake was homemade
        And neighbours admired each others work
        And Santa easily got down the chimney
        his sack had less to hold
        And decorations meant scissor s and tape
        Heat meant chopping wood
        And lemonade made the spuds taste great
        And they were freshly dug
        And granny was really old,
        Like something from a book
        And gentle and wise but mostly kind
        Who loved this little child
        Now back to the present
        So much to achieve
        Before tomorrow when i will make memories
        For fifty years hence.

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          History repeats itself in “new” ways , Sad!
          Memories abound, some good some bad!!

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