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        I came across it in my head

                                               While joining up the dots,

                                               Connecting thoughts and memories

                                               Unravelling knarled knots

                                               Sifting through my dreams and plans

                                               Some future and some past

                                               Creating a kaleidoscope

                                               Of colours made to last.



                                               At first it was just like a voice

                                               A tiny whispered sound

                                               That gradually grew louder

                                               Becoming more profound.

                                               I tried to trace it’s origin

                                               The thought that formed the word

                                               The message partly spoken

                                               Had left me quite perturbed.



                                                I sought the root of gambling

                                                It’s basis or it’s cause

                                                Awaited patiently for an answer

                                                Content to linger and to pause

                                                I ask that inner, wise voice

                                                Whence it’s source and seed

                                                My search revealed that gambling

                                                Stems from avarice and greed.


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