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        I am a nobody and I have a face filled with shame. I look around and there is no one to blame. I’ve done it again I lost it all. I defeated my wisdom to know right from wrong. Everyday for a month I have sang the same old song. Today I am crying the tears flow down my face. Where is all the money, there is not a trace.
        The pain, the agony it is so hard to endure. I want to stop gambling that is for sure. I’m afraid and I am scared I will die very soon. I want to be free and not suffocating in my cocoon. Please help me God, I say every day, I go to gamble and don’t realize how long was the stay. I search for my last dollar thinking a miracle will shine, but I leave and in my walled is one silver dime. Please help me today as I try one more time, please give me the strength and let my face finally shine. Don’t call me a gambler I hate that name, just call me your friend, we are both the same.

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          I enjoyed your poem Tiki!!

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