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        I can’t sleep
        Tried counting sheep
        My mind won’t stop
        I can’t doze off
        I toss and turn
        Why didn’t I learn?
        Keeping my mind alert
        The memories of all the hurt
        I try to relax
        Remember the facts
        What’s done is past
        I am free at last
        Assessing my day
        Have I gone astray?
        For once I can tell
        All has gone well
        Planning ahead
        It’s all in my head
        Things I need to do
        Keeping my recovery true
        To settle down now
        My head I gently bow
        I thank my higher power
        Even at this hour
        I’ve had a good day
        Gambling kept at bay
        Going back to counting sheep
        I’m relaxed now and will soon be asleep– 8/16/2012 11:05:55 PM: post edited by Kerry-Anne.

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