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        Will wrestling with the insopitus early hours
        Inhaling the rancid aroma of smoldering midnight oil
        Delving the shadows of my mind for wads of displaced notes
        Counting scattered flocks of bleating silly sheep
        Pondering my Destiny
        Safeguard me from the Imminent Dawn
        Should I not choose an alternative route
        To save me from myself

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          I too have all those thoughts of all the displaced notes, when all the world is sleeping and my sheep are not even bleating .

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            You are making progress in your recovery. But sometimes you change the subject when something is mentioned that you don’t like. I ,too, did the same thing when i first stopped gambling. I did not want to do certain things. For example, i had two sets of paperwork banning myself from the casinos. they were all ready send but i could not send them. I finally had to say it must be done. You may not like what i said but you are still making progress

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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