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        started of so innocent but became a deep needer,feels like ive given my soul demons taken over my mind and i aint in control,who’s gonna help when i lost what i had left cant sleep in these lonely nights the guilt weighs heavy on my chest,i should of never went to the game of sin and now i cant escape fate am trapped in,get some cash in my pocket picture my next move vision me spinnin the wheel will i win or lose,am lookin at the future but where the hell am going livin in solitude my problems only growing,its hard to explain what goes on inside my brain im livin broke than i use to the games for fools my friend and even tho i know it i cant seem to c the end,take one day at a time and carry on walk around with your head up and stay stronger things can only get better either change now or live like this forever,that aint a choice a whole life ruined,lookin in the mirrior what the hell am i doing,i only wanted to make a bit of quick loot,now its taken it all to much stress when i think of the truth,maybe in time il c the rainbow when the sun shines and takes away this pain so,until then my heads down fightin this sin.never dance with the devil

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