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        I have never felt so lonely as I did this New Year’s Eve
        A deep and hollow emptiness gives me cause to grieve.
        The thought of new beginnings weighs heavily on my heart
        From older, safer comfort zones, I find it hard to part!
        The future looms before me; I cannot change the past.
        I know I’m growing older, time is moving fast.
        And I cling to many memories that were never meant to last.

        Within this lonely vacuum, though, there is a beam of light
        I see it through the darkness on this empty final night
        So I’ll focus on that glimmer, on the pale and flickering flame
        As I bow my head and utter, my Saviour’s Holy Name!

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          Beautiful words Vera.
          Sometimes we forget that God is always with us

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            I got chillbumps up my arms when I read this. Thank you Vera for the perspective, this is a beautiful poem and a hopeful look towards the future. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future.
            Lovely, lovely poem.

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              I wrote this poem two years ago on 31/12/2014

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              Charles – GT

                It was a good poem then Vera, it is a good poem now. I hope you feel that the “pale flickering flame” has now grown brighter though 🙂 That is not by chance, it’s due to your efforts in the past year.

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                  written at the end of 2014
                  Some things never change.

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                    Awesome Poem, Vera! I have read quite a few of your replies all over the forums, appreciate all the kind words and wisdom to others and myself. 🙂

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                      Your poems speak to me and are helping me like nothing has before
                      Thank you is all I can say

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