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        ‘Jump in’ said Dad,
        The waters so clear,
        And with spine tingling senses,
        I jump in, no fear.

        My friends say lets swim,
        ‘I’ve done this before’,
        Swim out of my depth,
        But then back to the shore.

        I suggest going swimming,
        ‘No thanks’ they say,
        There’s a big game on,
        And we’re playing away.

        So I swim on my own,
        A little out of my depth,
        Sink under the waves,
        Whilst I’m holding my breath.

        The current pulls me under,
        And I am losing the battle,
        Somehow I get lucky,
        And re-surface quite rattled.

        ‘Don’t go swimming’ she pleads,
        ‘Please stay with me here’,
        We can cuddle all night,
        Drink fine wine and beer.

        I’ve spent my whole life swimming,
        And I know it’s not right,
        So tonight I will swim,
        But be back before light.

        I swim in calm waters,
        As I’m predicting a storm,
        So I return home to see her,
        But she’s gone before dawn.

        The storm that is brewing,
        It’s all in my head,
        But I still opt to go swimming,
        Instead of laying in bed.

        The water looks dangerous,
        But I have to dive in,
        And before I can breathe,
        An upper cut to the chin.

        I sink to new levels,
        I’ve never been here before,
        I’m stretching my feet out,
        But I can’t find the floor.

        My body now numb,
        In denial of pain,
        I’ve spent my whole life swimming,
        And it’s poisoned my brain.

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          GREAT POEM! love the use of metaphors.

          Why do we go swimming!

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