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        There have been so many thoughts and feelings for me
        On my journey to actually try and become gamble free
        Being ‘gamble free’ for me seemed so far off I had to say
        ‘Cos I kept slipping many frigging times and in many away
        I tried hard to not go back into my stupid gambling action
        But inside there was built up inner tension and frustration
        Even though I had promised myself never to go back to gamble
        I found the frigging urges very hard for me to actually handle
        But after yet another slip I felt helpless and extremely mad
        Inside there was no hope for me and as a person I felt bad
        I was pissed off at me for not having the ability to give-up
        And it was then I really started to verbally beat myself up
        I started then to call myself every single explicable name
        ‘Cos inside I felt extreme disappointment and inner shame
        Within me I felt like a devious sneaky worthless piece of ****
        And the only place I felt I belonged was in the gutter or **** pit
        But then I connected with CG’s within my life online or at GA
        And with the help of other gamblers I gained a lot each day
        Other CG’s advised me to learn to listen and to listen to learn
        And I learnt to be honest when sharing every single concern
        It was suggested that I put effective coping barriers in place
        These barriers were to help me with any urges I had to face
        But sometimes their suggestions for me didn’t actually work
        And I returned to GA – constantly feeling like a stupid jerk
        It was then that internal beating myself up started over again
        Not being able to stay a day gamble free for me was totally insane
        It was suggested that I stopped using the negative verbal whip
        And instead have a kinder voice within me after a gambling slip
        I started to try and learn from each gambling slip that I had
        And ‘cos I learnt what went wrong the beating were less bad
        Once I accepted I’d had the slip I started trying to change me
        Changing who I was – seemed so important for me to see
        I started to remind myself that I couldn’t change my past
        But I could try and come to terms with this addiction at last
        Within myself I actually started to find a much nicer voice
        And truly that helped me to cope and make a better choice
        So I gained courage, humility and strength to return to GA
        About a gambling relapse to other CG’s  – I would honestly say
        Thankfully over time I am less negative towards the CG’s mind in me
        And with other gambler’s help I have managed to stay gamble free
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