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        The wolf is at the door,
        Waiting to get in.
        Howling and slavering with pain.
        I have locked the doors and barred the windows,
        His howling persists.
        It echoes through my head and heart.
        He will get inside no matter what I do.
        I feed him .
        Tentatively leaving a bowl of food outside.
        It is the most fearful thing I have done,
        Getting to know the wolf.

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          The only time we can be sure

          That the aforementioned “Wolf” can’t lure

          Us to the Game of Chance

          Will be when we take no future steps to partake in his Dance

          That leads to the door of Hades for gentlemen and ladies

          Who chose to follow Wolf’s hypnotic howl

          Which takes possession of our soul and bowel

          And even when asleep these sinister sounds

          Strip of sanity and fortune All those who are disposed


          To instant access to “wolf feed”-(cash) which we supposed

          Would magically become a source of instant wealth

          Then, overcome by greed, with total disregard for poverty and health

          Forgetting past disaster

          The Wolf becomes our Master

          All could have been avoided

          If we never had enjoyed it

          But it always ends in tears

          So put aside all fears

          The Wolf will go away when we refuse to feed him or to play

          So do not handle any “feed”

          Then YOU will take the lead.

          JUST FOR TODAY.

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            it was nice to read

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