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        It started back when I was young, in the pub I went to have some fun, there u was just standing there, lights a flashing oh how u glare, with the lights there comes the sound, drawing me in A NEW FRIEND I’d found, little did I know back then, it was the beginning of the end,  I put in a coin then 2 then 3, excitement grabbed a hold of me, before I knew it hours passed, where did they go they went so fast, the bell was rung to kick me out, gonna miss my friend without a doubt, from that day on never been the same, an I’m the only one to blame, i let my friend inside of my head, first thought in the morning when I got out of bed, i didn’t mind u made me grin, couldn’t wait to see my new friend spin, fast forward years and here we r, no nice things not even a car, my new friend has taken the lot, but I didn’t care I soon forgot , cos every time I hear that sound, I’m happy bout that friend I’ve found, the time has come now to forget, wish I wasn’t in this debt, suddenly my head is clear, my friend is someone I should fear, so no more now its time to go, u wasn’t my friend u was really my foe x x x

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