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         My whole attitude to gambling has changed

        I can remember my very first bet
        It’s a memory that’s hard to forget
        I can recall the buzz, time and place
        A thrill other things couldn’t replace
        Gambling then gave me a lot of fun
        With beginner’s luck I actually won
        I was a happy bunny when winning
        But loses sent my head spinning
        Within me there was a constant fight
        Was gambling for me wrong or right?
        Within me there was a love/hate romance
        But with gambling I had to take my chance
        Escaping to gamble was important for me
        I really didn’t want to be gamble free
        Life’s problems I didn’t want to face
        I felt comfortable in the gambling place
        When I was in my active gambling mode
        My rational thinking I always put on hold
        I didn’t stop to consider right or wrong
        I acted on the cravings that were strong
        For me the urges to gamble were intense
        I’d do things so gambling could commence
        I would lie, cheat, manipulate and steal
        To finance the addiction I tried to conceal
        I can honestly say I didn’t gamble to win
        I gambled to escape and get a buzz within
        I know I couldn’t press the button to collect
        Having money to gamble for me was perfect
        But the loses became more and more for me
        I had to give up my compulsive gambling spree
        I truly felt that gambling was no fun anymore
        ‘I am going to give up gambling’ – I often swore
        I felt I couldnt live with gambling in my life at all
        And without gambling I wouldn’t cope and I’d fall
        I began to ask myself was giving up a right decision
        With the loses and pain there was a clear vision
        It was a process that I wanted to go through
        For me giving up gambling was very easy to do
        What was very hard for me was staying stopped
        That was until the GA programe I began to adopt
        I had tried to give up my terrible gambling my way
        But only the ‘GA way’ helped me not to go and play
        By connecting with other CGs at my local group
        I am no longer walking in and out of gambling poop
        Going to my meetings now gives me the same frill
        That gambling did in my life before it began to kill
        I now gain alot from every new and existing member
        Listening to their shares helps me to remember
        I try now to remember that the past is behind me
        And reflecting too much on it is not meant to be
        But it is good to share my experiences of gambling
        Because each day my mixed up mind is unscrabbling
        My whole attitude towards gambling has changed
        Without gambling I no longer feel deranged
        I know that I don’t need it in my life today
        And with the help of GA it can be kept at bay
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