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        My first response is why?
        Yes, I was getting high.
        I was hypnotized. Why do you care?
        Is this experience worthy of poetry? Rhyme? Organization of any kind?
        You seem to defy organization.
        You affect so many across our nation.
        Yes, I’m writing for the rhyme.
        But am I gambling this time?
        Isn’t it better to spend time on trivial things?
        Rather than do the easy, the hard, the must not thing?
        I don’t need quality, I don’t need onomatopoeia. I don’t need alliteration.
        I need gravity, consequences, acceleration.
        I need to do anything but gamble right now.
        So I hope you read this lame ass poetry. Goodbye for now.
        Yes, you can rhyme now with now.
        There is no limit on how mediocre you can be.
        Just don’t forget to reach for the future you see.

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          Sounds good

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