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        It was never about the money
        But something held deep within
        Life had been too painful
        Driving me deeper and deeper in sin

        An existential crisis
        A life lived that had been just too much
        Happy times counted on five fingers
        Whoever deserves it to be as such?

        Maybe it was the wrong choices
        That buried my pain in a spin
        Maybe I am a fallen angel
        Searching for God in that win

        It’s never too late GA tell me
        To have and live a good life
        But what they really don’t know
        Is that I did and it was all full of strife

        It was just five years of destruction
        But it has done its absolute worst
        For Fifty years my faith was strong
        At times I thought I was cursed.

        A complete waste of time and money
        The self blame for all my issues
        When I think of how it could have been
        I weep and reach for the tissues

        So when will my life see some sunshine
        On day sixty three it’s still bad
        So where are the GA promises?
        It really does make me feel sad

        I guess I have to be patient
        Trust that God is all loving and great
        I wish he would send me a sign though
        Is it me or is he just late?

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          great poem , Monica

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            Monica – this poem really touched me –
            Thank you for sharing

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              Thanks. I guess even when we are in pain, we can create something. Good for me as I haven’t been creative in a long time.

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