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        I feel lost
        My being is like a ghost
        I needed to face my demon
        In all seasons

        Im ready
        Im ready
        Blackjack took a hold of my life
        Cutting me down like a knife

        I know what I have to do
        I need help from you
        I don’t need a savior
        I need people to look at my behavior
        I am just feeding my delusion
        I know the real reason
        I don’t need a savior
        I need God to make it better

        My life is black
        I need to get it back on track
        Stop lying to everyone
        I need to say Im done

        I know what I have to do
        Stand up and say go
        To a new existence
        Let it be part of my essence

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        Charles – GT

          Good poem. I hope you start a thread in the My Journal Forum as well and tell us a little about your story. You will get a lot of support there and also see other stories and see the things that are helping others.

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