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        I started to use the GT site
        two years ago today
        Logging in was good for me
        in a very special way
        I logged into the helpline
        and spoke to you Harry
        Talking to you at first
        for me was really scary
        But the more I talked
        I honestly did connect
        I am so grateful to you
        for being on the Internet
        For me I found over time
        that I learnt to share
        OMG – I am so thankful
        to you – for being there
        Within the last two years
        I certainly have grown
        I have met other CG’s
        and I no longer feel alone
        My gambling addiction
        over time I can now face
        because of daily sharing
        I’m sure in a better place
        I have learnt to share
        things that cause me strife
        because of people like you
        I am getting on with my life
        Because of you I ‘m now
        living a gamble free way
        Harry i would like to say
        a big ‘thank you’ to you today
        Michelle– 02/11/2012 15:58:30: post edited by harry.

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