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         My thoughts about my journey:
        The Train Journey
        I was very young when I used to watch the train go past.
        I used to get on and off, they were positive joyful times on the train.
        I loved the noises it made, the colours, the taste, the thrills, the excitement, the escape.
        Every sense penetrated.
        There were many different exciting carriages to travel through.
        It stopped at the stations.
        I looked at the people.
        They didn’t understand the pleasure.
        They couldn’t feel the rush of the wind.
        I didn’t want to get off,
        I felt that the train would help me travel to better places.
        I can’t recall when I actually stepped on the big train.
        It stopped at many stations.
        I decided not to get off.
        The train began to travel faster.
        The stops became less frequent.
        The colours began to fade.
        The noises began to blur.
        Other noises took their place.
        My seat, no longer comfortable.
        The years went by.
        My journey continued.
        I decided to get off.
        Revisit the world.
        There were no more stops.
        I couldn’t open the door.
        I couldn’t gather my thoughts.
        Travelling faster and faster.
        I was alone.
        It was dark.
        I was anxious.
        In despair.
        Travelling faster and faster.
        Hanging, desperate,
        Half in, half out.
        A scary drop.
        A helpful push.
        Rolling, confused.
        In pain.
        Helped to my feet.
        Helped to understand my journey.
        I can’t help but see the train go past, it seems to be there everywhere I go.
        It still looks thrilling.
        But I wont get back on, I know where it will take me.

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