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        “What’s wrong Mummy, you look so sad,
        Am I still going to golf on Wednesday
        Or is the weather still too bad
        My blazer is fine,it will do
        Nobody sees the holes except you

        What’s wrong mummy, you look so sad,
        Have we enough money for the cinema with the other lads,
        I don’t really care cos the movie’s not great
        I’ll go another time, i don’t mind the wait

        What’s wrong mummy, you look so sad
        I don’t need new clothes,aren’t you glad?
        I can go to my friends house, save you the fuss
        I can walk I don’t need the bus

        What’s wrong mummy, you look so sad,
        I don’t want a Christmas present after all I’ve had
        You’re the best mummy in the whole wide world
        You’re the best mummy, you are my whole world.”

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          Brilliant poem, Sad!
          Pin it on your ipad, laptop and on the dashboard of your car!

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            Oh my, this poem gets right to the heart of it!
            Rips me up, because this is my poem too:(

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