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Gordon Moody’s Weekly round up: Don’t sweat the small stuff?… You should

19 February 2021

Don’t sweat the small stuff?… You should, says Rob Mabbett – especially when it comes to effective responsible gambling interactions. (Read More)

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Gordon Moody’s weekly round-up: Numbers needing help for gambling addiction grow in lockdown

12 February 2021

During lockdown the numbers needing  our help are substantial and growing in many areas of our interactions. Here’s what our latest data is showing. (Read More)

Gordon Moody’s Weekly round up: Lessons we’ve learned in the year of Covid

5 February 2021

Over the past year year we have really learned how adaptable and resilient we can be to huge challenges – both as a wider staff team and with our client group.  (Read More)

Gordon Moody’s Weekly round up:  A week worth getting out of bed for 

29 January 2021

The twists and turns of dealing with the Covid pandemic are being heroically dealt with by our residential centre staff and others. (Read More)

Gordon moody’s weekly round-up: Looking after ourselves

22 January 2021

Looking after ourselves and other staff members is a vital part of keeping the service running and maintaining essential services for those who need our help. (Read More)

Gordon Moody’s Weekly round up: Peace, laughter and reflection

8 January 2021

“After many years of chaotic, stressful festive periods – I can honestly say that Christmas 2020 at Gordon Moody’s residential centre in Dudley was a period of peace, laughter and reflection.” (Read More)

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